Hall Facilities

Each apartment is fully furnished. Living rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.


There are 5 types of room in the University Apartments:
- Single room in 4-person apartment
- Single room in 5-person apartment
- Single room in 5-person apartment (mixed gender)
- Double room in 5-person aparment
- Room for married couples in 5-person apartment
All rooms are equipped with air-conditioners. A desk, chair, wardrobe, internet connection, light, electricity plugs, bookshelves and a bed with mattress.



Room for Married Couples in 5-person Apartment 
[typlical layout; each room setting varies]

There are 20 rooms for married couples in 20 shared apartments in the University Apartments. In each of these shared apartment, a couple share the common area and facilities (e.g. bathroom, toilet, kitchenette, etc.) with 3 other students of different gender.


There is an open kitchen with a gas stove, a refrigerator and a microwave oven in each apartment.


Residents of the apartment share a washroom and shower facilities.


There is one laundry room on each floor in Towers A, B & C (except G/F of Towers A & B and 1-2/F of Tower C), equipped with a washer and a dryer.
All are smartcard-operated.


In case of fire emergency or fire drill exercise

  • Be familiar with all the fire escape routes in advance. The routes are shown on the floor plan posted below in the Lift Lobby on your floor. Study them carefully and know where to assemble after you evacuate to the open area.
  • Fire alarm bells will sound continuously in case of real fire or fire drill. Upon hearing a continuous alarm, evacuate from the building at once.
  • CO-OPERATE with hall staff and FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS during the exercise.
  • To protect your personal properties, remember to lock up your rooms before you leave. Neither the Management Office nor the Security Office will be responsible for any loss or damage of personal properties.However, in case of REAL FIRE, you should always consider your own SAFETY FIRST.
  • After evacuation, the Fire Drill commander, i.e. your Residential Life Officer and HSEO staff will check the resident rooms. Residents found inside the building not participating in the fire drill WILL BE ASKED to show his/her identity and GIVE EXPLANATION.
  • In case you have visitor in the hall at the night of the drill, he or she is ALSO REQUIRED to participate in the fire drill.


Nobody can foretell when a fire will happen. Please take the exercise seriously. Participation is very important as this is to protect your own lives. Do not attempt to stay in your rooms or skip the exercise since it will be useless to regret after an accident happens. If you have any physical problems / serious sickness, please let the Management Office know so that we can take care of you during the drill.

Assembly Point for University Apartments


Sample Fire Escape Routes Map for University Apartments
Fire Escape Routes Map for University Apartments (Map for G/F University Apartments)